Pet Warm Soft Sleeping Bed

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This pet bed is inspired by the baby's wrapped package for inspiration and simplicity. The style is very popular among young people, and the simple lines show the inner aesthetic simplicity rather than simplicity. Product performance Warm and breathable pets are styling all-round to wrap your pet.

This four-season universal model is more likely to invade moisture and air conditioning diseases even in the air-conditioned rooms and wet floors in the spring and summer.

Name: Pet Nest
Material:Color: Light Blue/Navy
- M: 38x33x33cm
- L: 44x38x38cm

- With hanging ball toys and satisfy the curiosity of pets who like to drill nest.
- The cushion can be separated, used separately and more convenient to clean.
- Exquisite seams, fine workmanship, wear and bite resistance, can be used with confidence.
- The bottom of the pet nest is designed with non-slip particles and has good non-slip performance.
- Four seasons universal, PP cotton is healthy and environmentally-friendly, comfortable and breathable, giving your pet a good sleep.

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