Cute Plush Squeak Toys

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Just the same as human babies, our furry babies need toys to play with and this adorable plush dog toy will keep your pet occupied for hours. This toy is made of a soft fleece material and has a squeaky feature which means that it is not only eye-catching but a lot of fun to listen to as well. Available in three different animal designs, your pet will notice it as soon as you put it in front of them and they will be anxious to get their paws on it every time.

This plush toy is also very well made so regardless of the treatment your pet gives it, it will be able to withstand the turmoil. When pets get bored or even when they’re teething, they naturally want to chew on something so rather than let them chew on your furniture or an expensive pair of shoes, they can chew on this toy instead. It is both productive and fun for them to do this and this toy is big enough for any size pet you own because it is roughly 10 inches in length.

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