The Best Dog Ramp - Paws Down

The PawRamp is no ordinary dog ramp, it’s specifically engineered with your dog in mind, allowing them to walk SAFELY up and down furniture!

It features marine ply wood, pine wood and a strong hinge which allows the ramp to be flat-packed and easily carried with you on the move.

The PawRamp is portable and stylish, with adjustable heights to fit any bed or couch and best of all… It comes with a no-nonsense money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction!


Adjustable Heights for the Bed or Couch

The PawRamp features 4 adjustable heights to fit your bed or couch with ease and is the must have item for any small dog owner. 

Designed with your dogs back health in mind, the PawRamp and PawRamp Lite gives owners peace-of-mind knowing that their four-legged friends are protected from nasty spinal injuries.

Don’t risk the cost of expensive vet bills that can soar up to $6000, make the smart investment and help prevent joint strain with a PawRamp, because they are family.

Portable, Lightweight and Stylish

The PawRamp features ridged carpeting for maximum grip while being soft on paws, helping your pup to reach high areas with ease. 

The PawRamp is 40 inches in length and 16 inches wide, with four adjustable heights at 12, 16, 20 and 24 inches.

The PawRamp Lite is 32.5 inches in length and 14 inches wide with two interchangeable heights at 12 and 16 inches.

The bearings and support of the PawRamp Series have been tested to hold weights of up to to 66lbs Lite version, and 77lbs for the premium version, allowing it to be used for a wide range of dog breeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Might Be Wondering About..

  • What's the difference between the two ramps?

    The difference between the two PawRamps comes down to size; the size of your furniture and the size of the area where you'll use the ramp.

    The PawRamp is 40 inches (100cm) in length and 16 inches (40cm) wide. There are four adjustable heights at:
    12 inches (30cm)
    16 inches (40cm)
    20 inches (50cm)
    24 inches (60cm)
    The bearings and support of the PawRamp have been tested to hold weights of up to 77lbs (35kg) and the ramp itself weighs 11lbs

    The PawRamp Lite is 32.5 inches (82cm) in length and 14 inches (35cm) wide. The PawRamp Lite has two adjustable heights at:
    12 inches (30cm)
    16 inches (40cm)
    The bearings and support of the PawRamp Lite have been tested to hold weights of up to to 66lbs (30kg) and the ramp itself weighs 8lbs

  • How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

    If you’ve trained your dog to do anything, training them to use a ramp shouldn’t be an issue, the trick for most dogs is training with treats, and lots of praise when they use the ramp. Many dogs will take to the ramp immediately and enjoy the freedom of running up and down, but if your dog is hesitant, training and persistence will help them get used to using their new method of transportation to the bed or couch!

  • What are the shipping costs and times?

    We ship to the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

    Shipping is free for orders over $75 USD in the USA, UK and Australia, for other rates please enter your shipping address at checkout.

    Shipping takes 3-8 business days to arrive unless otherwise stated on the product page.

    Canada orders may take an additional 7 days to arrive, and may incur additional duty and taxes.

  • I want to be featured on your social media accounts, how do I do this?

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  • What's your return policy? How do I return something?

    Returns are no problem with us and we try to keep it simple. We are very sorry the product did not work for you. We proudly offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee of the purchase price of the item excluding the cost of shipping the item back to us. To return or exchange your item please email for instructions.